Craft Ideas for Elementary School Teachers

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Teachers of elementary school students can call, or contact over the Internet, a military base commander, who would be more than willing to direct them to an officer who would be able to give them a list of soldier’s names from the cities and towns that the students in their class live in. If all of the students live in the same city, or if any students have a relative involved with a war effort, especially in Iraq or Afghanistan, a mural-type project could be made specifically for those soldiers.

In general, a large roll of paper could be used to make a few gigantic posters for the military people, with the names and pictures of the students, and a little poem or story acted out by scenes, each one drawn by a different student. Since nothing says art quite like glitter does, add glitter to the scenes, and make the rainbows red, white and blue. Any patriotic symbolism would be great, especially when militarily inclined.

Elementary school students just love to be a part of something huge, bigger than anything they have been involved with before. The lure of having their art seen by people that they consider as heroes would give them a major positive influence, a feeling of belonging and importance all wrapped up in one art project. And the soldiers, supply, medical and support personnel overseas would be extremely grateful, most likely to the point of returning a favor, possibly a video conference call with all of the students involved. Patriotism never felt so good for children when their family members are involved.

However, there are many more ideas for back to school craft ideas for elementary students. Planetariums, models of Solar Systems, crafty maps and posters for sick kid’s hospitals are all popular craft ideas that give the students a feeling of empowerment as well as accomplishment.

And isn’t that what teaching children is all about?  Teaching them that they can make a difference, and that all they have to do is try?  Any crafts that children make, that can be given to their heroes, whether police, firemen, teachers, politicians or soldiers, will instill in the children that they can make a difference.


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