ATM’S: How They Work

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ATM machines have become the banking of today. Back in the day a time I barely remember, my grandparents would go to the B.A.N.K. spelled so that my brother and I would not know the destination due to over excitement at the prospect of lollypops and treats as gramps was a softy.

My grandmother would write a check hand it off to my grandfather, who would in turn give it to a teller. The teller who my grandfather always knew by name would open the till and cash would magically appear that and lollypops (my brother always got the red ones) those days were easy and the outcome always predictable.

The ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) made banking a 24-hour event. I remember the disgruntled relationship my grandfather had with IT. He got his card set up, inserted the card and follows all instructions perfectly, and would wait for his earned money to eject from the slot. This never happened without fail IT would suck up the card never returning it. This indiscretion was always a joyous occasion as the ATM did not disburse lollypops like the K.N.A. B.  (Now spelled backward further confuse my brother and me).

My grandfather a saint among men would be so angry he would banter like his friend Bobby talking about his prize fishing boat he had to sell to pay alimony, after all, he loved that boat. The bank would reissue the card and the process would start again always resulting in lollypops and a new card. To add insult to my grandfather who worked 42 years for that money IT (the ATM) loved my grandmother and would always give her money and say thank you. This was a thorn in his side, all of his living days he would resent my grandmother for it.

Today ATM’S are better and more advanced; they most never eat cards and love to give you money.  ATM’S now have additional features. You can use ATM cards at most stores, shop on line with them and pay bills over the phone. ATM gift cards can even purchased for the relative or friend who has everything making it a personal gift rather than cash in a card.

Simple rules for having and using ATM cards

  1. Know the bank policy. Banks do charge for the use of ATM’S and fees can range from 00.50$ to 30.00$ I kid you not my older daughter driving age used her ATM card to purchase gas and was assessed a 30$ fee for a 10$ transaction. SURPRISE was not the word that came to mind when she was inform of this information. It is a felony to assault an ATM machine in case you are wondering. (she didn’t do it but she did dream about it)

The rules are simple follow the prompts know the fees and do not spend more than you have.


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