How to build your church brand 3

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Developing your church brand is much more than creating a logo for your church, ministry, or organization.

“Targeted marketing†/Pick a Target Audience

A target audience is your focus group, the people to whom you are going to
communicate and focus your attention. Usually churches are afraid to identify a
specific target audience because they fear it will seem like they are going to shut
some people out. After all, the gospel is for everyone; why can’t we just create a
one-size-fits-all message?

In marketing, if you don’t focus you won’t be able to communicate effectively with anyone. By not having a target audience you risk shutting out more people than if you do.

Action Point!

Sit down by yourself and the other leaders of your ministry and identify the  Specific target groups you are intend to reach. identify your target audience? Write down Characteristics,demographics. Learn as many things as you can about them. When you’ve done this, you’ll have a better chance of crafting a message that will meet and suit their needs.

Identify a niche group’s e.g.

  • Unemployed
  • Young upwardly mobile professionals
  • Youths seeking direction for their lives…
  • Rich but unsaved
  • Singles
  • Unmarried sisters (special spinsters)
  • Entrepreneurs and business oriented people.

Design programs and projects or initiatives in line with these groups

Learn form others , Visit Other Churches

Proverbs 27:17 says, “Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” In the same way that other people can sharpen your character, other churches can help you sharpen your ministry. Make visiting other churches part of your ongoing Marketing research. Whenever you can, learn what others are doing and why they are doing it. Simply visiting another church will help you sharpen your ministry by making you aware of things you didn’t know you needed. You will learn to see things from the perspective of an outsider. A visit might even jog your memory about changes you need to make in your own church.

Action Point!
Try to take some time away from your own ministry, even if that means taking a Sunday off. Visit another church somewhere and get another outlook on how people are doing ministry.


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