How to build your church brand1

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What really is branding

Developing a brand is much more than creating a logo for your church, ministry, or organization.

“A branded church is a church that understands who they are and who they are trying to reach, and they communicate that effectively through integrated marketing communications,”

Branding is a biblical concept. In the New Testament, Paul shows how he adapted his style to fit his audience: “I become all things to all people. When I’m with the Jews, I’ll talk as a Jew. When I’m with the Gentiles, I’ll talk as a Gentile” (1 Corinthians 9 v22).

Sanctify the message; define a public purpose.

The flurry of scandals, the depth of corruption that continues to eat away in our public institutions, government and society has created a vacuum of trust amongst the populace.

People have lost confidence in many of the old institutions creating a vacuum of trust that the church must take advantage of and become a beacon of hope, change and revival.

To achieve this strong brand perception that becomes integrated into the very consciousness and architecture of their lives; the church must attach a public purpose to its work.

“…when I was sick…..â€

The church is supposed to be the core of the community and responsible for at least a portion of social and economic development. The church needs to be a place of empowerment.

Personalized/personalization; the church must become “Our Church, my Churchâ€

Use words such as “ours†and “we†as often as possible. Inspire and engage people in projects that utilize their gifts and talents, make them feel important and a part of building something bigger than themselves.

Doing this will build strong followership and loyalty and hence a strong Brand.


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