Five traits of great business leaders

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“Leadership is about making a vision happenâ€
-Lorraine Monroe, Founder and Executive Director, The Sloan leadership Academy  
Vision is the most indispensable quality of great leadership. A visionary leader is one that sees the invincible, believes the incredible and receives the impossible.


“Leadership and learnership are indispensable to one anotherâ€

-John F. Kennedy

A true leader is a committed learner. Consistent learning and capacity building is indispensable to the corporate executive in a changing world. The leader’s ability to keep updated and abreast in his field will factor in his success in taking his organization to the next level.

Several world class learning centers and training institutes provide short executive programs that will help in the following ways:

  • Help the executive stay informed of the advancement in the industry
  • Equip him with new insights in cashing in on emerging opportunities, markets and industries.
  • Give him credibility and integrity in the industry especially as he rises to new status.
  • Help him develop nimble and flexible thinking styles
  • Guarantee the respect and command of his organization as he stays ahead in promoting new thinking


Great leader’s s focus on doing the things only they can do and delegating everything else. The keys to effective delegation include:

  • Ensure that you oversee what you delegate
  • Set specific timelines and deadlines for each delegated task
  • Build a solid feedback mechanism that ensures real time communication between you and those you have delegated tasks to.
  • Express disappointment not anger in the event of a failure or substandard results.
  • Use the tools of affirmations and rewards to build confidence and promote excellence.



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