Five Secrets of successful entrepreneurs

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They set a clear and compelling Vision

Beyond the business idea, a company must have a compelling vision of where it wants to go. Vision is the fuel that enables a company to move forward in times of difficulty or adversity. Does it want to have 50 retail outlets within five years? Does it want to be the preferred service of choice by industry leaders or young women between 18 and 35? A clear, specific and compelling vision is a must for a successful small business.

They leverage the power of technology

Technology is today a major enabler and drive of all areas of business. Today’s business environment is technology driven. As an enabler of business functions, successful entrepreneurs utilize technology to automate and drive traditional business processes like human resources, operations, finance, and marketing.

They find the right People

Don’t just recruit people; look at for people who are passionate about what you do and are willing to commit them selves to helping you fulfill your business dreams and aspirations and in the process theirs.

They Keep Learning

A successful entrepreneur is a committed learner. Consistent improvement in the quality of your thoughts and capacity is indispensable to the entrepreneur in a changing world.

Move beyond operating on intuition, instinct and commonsense to making decisions and growing your business on hard facts and knowledge

They monitor their changing environment

What are the changing consumer trends, competitor activity, legislation, economic trends, technology developments that might have an impact on your business?successful enterpreneurs keep abreast of these changes and their potential impact on their business


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