Five steps to financial freedom: how to be rich

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Make money online:

One of the latest tools to achieve financial freedom is to leverage on the internet which allows us too practically work form any where at anytime. Internet spending is growing significantly year after year. Currently there are over 1 billion users worldwide and we can practically sell to every internet users without geographical restrictions. In 2007, total online spend by internet users was $200 billion. This is expected to grow to $391 billion in 2009 according to forrester research.

One common way to leverage the power of the internet is to generate huge traffic to market and sell on your website. To drive huge traffic to your website you need to have the right skills, make content interesting and run advertising campaigns on it. In return you could make money by selling services and/or products (digital and hard goods) to visitors. This is called Affiliate Marketing.

Top affiliate marketing sites include:

You can earn money by getting people to advertise on your websites or you can redirect the traffic to other people’s website and earn referral fees.

Network Marketing

Network marketing also know as multilevel marketing, MLM, is a business model that combines direct sales with franchising.MLM functions by recruiting people through word of mouth and offers additional bonus or commissions based on the sales of people they recruited into their organization who are known as downline. A downline includes direct recruits, recruit’s recruit, and so on.

Startup costs are usually low and you will be given an established system, service or product to sell directly to end users.MLM is a flexible business model where training will be provided and you can choose when, where and who to work with

There are several network marketing companies to can join and begin your journey to wealth creation and financial independence. They include:

Forever living products (FLP)
Blue gel

Set up your own business

The richest self made people in the world are entrepreneurs who turned their ideas into successful enterprises, becoming wealthy in the process. From Bill gates to Micheal Dell, Aliko Dangote to Martha Stewart, Entrepreneurs dominate the list of the world richest people.

In the pursuit of financial freedom, starting and successful growing a business is a sure path to wealth.

Investment in stocks

Stocks or equity investment is a fabulous financial instrument and one of the most utilized tools for wealth creation. Based on historical performance, equity has proven to outperform most of the other investment in long run. Stock investing allows you to be business owners like a Steve Jobs or Aliko Dangote without showing up at work. What you need to is just sit back, watch the companies grow and collect dividend income because as a shareholder, who is also an owner of a company, you have claim to part of the company’s assets and earnings.

Moreover, don’t forget the opportunity to enjoy capital appreciation when the stock price goes up due to phenomenal performance by the company.


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