Gaining money through the internet!

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More and more people these days prefer to work and earn their money online. With the economic downturn, working from home allows a person to save a lot on commute expenses, eating expenses and the likes. Here are some ways to earn good money through the internet!

If you intend to make some serious money through the internet, you need to have an up to date Personal Computer and internet connectionmag-glass_10x10.gif to start with. Protect it with anti-virus software and firewalls as well.

There are many ways to earn income through the internet. Earlier this decade PTC sites were the fad. PTC or paid to click is when you view someone Else’s website be it manually or automatically and get paid a percentage for doing so. A couple of problem eventually limited its growth such as scam sites and limited income.

Survey Sites — Taking surveys online is a good way to earn a sizable amount of money. Sites like, A&W survey are the legitimate ones which do pay a good amount of money for your time. Browse through the resources page for more survey sites.

Job classifieds sites — This category has been dominated by Craigslist but lately sites like and jobseekers have taken a slice of the pie. Great sites to look for jobs though. Remember to click on telecommute to look for companies hiring work at homemag-glass_10x10.gif employees.

Advertisements — Bidvertise, Google adsense are just examples of sites where you can make money by posting ads on your own website. Create an interesting site with updated contents and earn money every time you get a page hit or someone clicks on those ads.

Freelancing — Whatever your profession is be it writer, web developer, transcriber or any other skills you posses you could look into sites which posts jobs for freelancers.

Online games — On the brighter side, sites such as and moola puts fun into earning money online. You get paid to employ their original games and win tournaments and contests as well.

Writing, stock photos, videos — Earn passive income with your writing skills, stock photos and videos by registering for free to sites like ehow, bukisa, stockphotos and triond. Great way to earn continuous income.


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