How to Not Get Lost and Remember Where You Parked in Parking Lots and Airports

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We have all been there, either at an amusement park, the mall or the parking garage of an airport; we have forgotten where we parked. We begin to walk noticeably lost through the rows of cars looking for our car. Well, this how to will tell you the secret to never forgetting where you park again.

You need: camera capable cell phone.

PAY ATTENTION: Pay attention for 10 seconds. Well, you have done it! You rushed into the mall or you were late for a flight and you didn’t really pay attention where you parked your car. Another scenario, you finally get to Disney World and you never looked up to see that you were in section Goofy row E. Yes, I have done it.

WITH ROW MARKERS: Take out any camera capable cell phone and take a snap shot of the row identifier. TIP: You can also take a picture from the row marker looking back at your car.

WITHOUT ROW MARKERS: Most malls don’t have these, so take two pictures. Take a picture of the entrance that you are going in. TIP: Take it as you leave your car so you can visualize where your car is when looking away from the entrance. Some stores like Belk, JCPenny’s or Dillard’s have multiple entrances, unless the entrance that you are going in is unique looking, take a picture of the department that you are in.

VOICE MEMO: If your cell phone has the ability to take voice memos, you can quickly record yourself a note, “If you are listening to this then you are lost. You parked on the third level of the parking garage next to the stairs.” DO NOT say, “You parked between the white BMW and red FORD truck.” While the note is descriptive, it doesn’t say where the vehicles are at plus you cannot guarantee that the cars in your note will be there when you get back.

KEY FOB PANIC BUTTON: If your car is equipped and you are in range, you can press the panic button on the key fob. This of course lets everyone know either you are in trouble or you are lost and looking your car.

RESULT: Most of the time, if you take any of these first few steps, you will not need to refer back to them. You will have taken enough time to gather your situational awareness in reference to your surroundings that you will not need the reminders.

ONCE YOU LEAVE THE LOCATION: All cell phones notes and pictures are date/time stamped but in a panicked or rushed situation people tend to forget these things. Erase those pictures and notes, so you will not accidentally go to the wrong location because of an outdated picture or note.


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