Ways of Hatred

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There must be a correlation between being unhappy and complaining about people constantly. There seems to be a lack of understanding regarding how that person going to help himself by finding positive points to think about so that his life will become more pleasant. Hating is easy when you don’t want to face someone or argue a point that you feel is contentious. It is worse when the hate is harbored since youth.

Long standing hate that has been libgering for years has a tendency of getting buried under more recent years of trials, defeats and expectations that make it difficult to see a cause of a presnt day malaise.Frankly if one could go back one may have a answer to the origins of the hate but the persom must have some forgiveness to go along with the recollection so that the old wound can heal. It is easy to say that one should be more forgiving expecially if the insult has been catastrphic like the losing a kin in a political conflict but as generations pass on it is senseless to hold a grudge against people who are three generations or more away from the upset.

Political conflicts mirror personal ones and countries have been beaving like people ehrn it comes to being courted, envied or hated. Malice was held against Japanese Canadians on the west coast for the period the Canada was at war even though those people had been fully intregated into Canadian society. This is much like hating your neighbor because he is of another culture or another race. Supposedly there has been great strides to promote equality between races or between cultures but when there are resources in question and individual countries are looking after their own nterests, one can easily hate another culture when the conflict is often only between governments. It seems that the governmental rhetoric is translated as hate and that peters down to the general populace and it caries on the hate.





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