Why you must have a Uniqe Selling Proposition

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To sell or market anything to a prospect you must have a USP. A USP is short for Unique Selling Proposition and it’s what makes your product or service different from the products and services offered by your competitors.

According to advertising research, most consumer products have seventeen direct competitors. So you must communicate how your product is unique and give prospects a reason to choose you.

There are many ways you can differentiate your product or service in your copy, whether this is online or offline.

Ideally you should describe your differentiation as early on as possible.

Here are some tips for creating a strong USP.

  • Provide a unique approach to serving customers.

Example: “Do you feel pressured meeting with prospective wedding planners? Our stress free services let you plan the wedding of your dreams right from your computer.â€

  • Give a better guarantee.

Example: “Try it 60 days risk free. If you’re not satisfied, your money will be refunded, no quibbles and no hassles.”

Brainstorm how well your product stands out. Ask yourself why a customer would buy your product rather than another one with similar features. If you have a problem coming up with points of differentian, keep brainstorming until you have a list. Involve other people if you can

Should you differentiate on price?

Differentiation  on price usually isn’t a good strategy. There will always be someone who can do or sell somthing more cheaply. So unless you want to position yourself as a discount seller or a commodity, avoid differention on price and emphasise value.

What’s the competition not doing?

Look for gaps in the market, services or products that aren’t currently being offered, or needs

that are unfulfilled. Then see if you can fill those gaps.

For example, do you offer:

  • A faster service? A faster delivery compared to your competitors?
  • Flexibility to fit in with your prospects’ work or lifestyle?
  • Weekend delivery when everyone else is Mon-Fri 9-5?
  • An inclusive warranty, or Life Time Guarantee?
  • Free upgrades for a longer period?
  • 24 hour customer service?

Once you’re clear about what it is you must convey it boldly in your copy. Make it stand out. And don’t expect prospects to figure it out for themselves. Keep your finger on what makes you different by continuing to ask yourself that  all-important question: Why should a customer choose your product or service over a similar offering?

Want a simple way to help determine your USP? Ask your current customers what made them choose you. And then ask them would they do the same today.

Their answers may surprise you.


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