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Father : Harry where are you?

Harry : I’m here in my room, father.

Father : what are you doing there?

Harry : I’ m doing my homework.

Father : Okay, continue doing it. Where is your sister?

Harry : I think she is in the kitchen father.

Father : is she having her breakfast?

Harry : No, father. She has already had her breakfast.

Father : Then what’s she doing?

Harry : Oh, she’s helping mother prepare lunch.

Father : Are they both in the kitchen:

Harry : I think so. Can I help you father.

Father : Yes. I’ve been looking for my pen. Don’t know where it is? Have you

seen it or taken it? It’s not on my table and it isn’t in my shirt pocket,


Harry : It’s not with me. I haven’t seen it. It must be in the drawer of your table.

: Let me look for it. (Opens the drawer and looks for it) it’s not in the

drawer, either. Mary might have taken it. Let me ask her. Mary, have you

taken father’s pen? He’s looking for it.

Mary : Yes, I’ve been using it. It’s on my table. Please take it from there and

give it to father. I’m busy in the kitchen.

Father : I wonder why everyone keeps taking my pen. Now that I’ve found my

pen, where are my glasses? I don’t suppose anyone needs them…or has

someone started using them as well? Anybody needs them, or has

somebody started using them, too?

Harry : They aren’t on your table. They aren’t in the drawer, either. Are they in

your shirt pocket? Let me check. No, they aren’t there, either.

Father : everything gets misplaced in this house. It is a shame I have to hunt for

everything. Haven’t I told you all not to touch my things?

Harry : Your glasses could be on the table in the sitting-room. Have you looked

there father?

Father Yes. I’ve looked everywhere. Everything else is there except my glasses.

A place for everything and everything in its place’, is what I believe in.

Harry : Oh! Father, you not only believe in it but also practice it. Your are much

in their place as you said.

Father : What do you mean by in their place? Where are they?

Harry : They are on your nose father right of your eyes.

Father : Oh how silly of me! MY goodness! It is almost ten! Now I must be off

to the office.

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