How to verify your paypal without credit card required (part 2)

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As  have said in the first article, we will need to have a very high patience.So in this article i will tell how to get the money faster.

The first thing, you will need to have an account for gpt offer. GPT offer is a real paying site. I have been paid by them for many time. However, is hard to get enough money that is $7 because it will take a very long time. So, the way that i want to tell you here is how can you double up your money that you could get. The way is by using the referral program. But, its hard to get a refferal. No, its not so hard as you guest. How can you get referral for your GPT offer ? here are some way :

1) Tell some of your family member to sign up for gpt offer under your link. You will get $0.04 for every people sign up under you and also 15% of their earning.

2) Promote about the gpt offer in your blog (if availabe) and ask them to join it under your link.

3) If you are a people who love chatting and have many fans or friend, you can also ask them to register under you.

Thats it, some way to get referral.

At least, by doing this referral program , you could get for $1. Not so hard.

After getting this $1 your chance to get more money will go faster.

How ?

Well, with this money, you will make it as your investment for your next plan. What is the plan ?

The plan is :

Double your money by some of this method:

1) Playing game at liberty reserve head or tail game.                           

Play this game. The minimum bet is 0.1 dollar. Click here to create an account . 




2) Playing at liberty reserve casino.

The minimum bet is $0.01 and the minimun payout is $ 0.05. Click here to create an account.

Thats it. The chance for you to double your money here is 60/40 and if you were lucky, you can double your money for real in just one day because the deposite and cashout is really instant in just second.

Thats it, remember, the first step is make an account at gpt offer. click here to make an account if you still dont have an account.

second, cashout to your liberty reserve account. This could be long because the payment will arrive to your account in 25th of every month. But anyway, GPT offer is a real paying site. All you need to do is just wait.

Third, Double your money.

Thanks for reading. Please leave me a comment or rate this article. 


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