How to make proposal for grant

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Some company or rich people who have excessive money want to share with you for open business. They may offer soft loan for help you. I think it is a chance to open a business.

Soft loan does not oblige you to settle it but you should pay the loan if your business get profit. Even the granter does not want your money, they still ask you the proposal. They want make sure that we spoil their money for useless things like leisure.

After receiving the proposal, they will evaluate it. Only qualified proposal will get grant.

How to write the proposal for grant:

1.Describe your business briefly. Explain why you need some money for your business.What is the aim of your business? What is the benefit of your business? What is social benefit from the business?

2.Provide any data that is required by granter. They may know the legal of the company or your identity. Off course, granter does not want to give any penny for fraud peoples.

3. Research your business to make a great proposal.

4. Calculate the economic benefit of your business. Describe and calculate all the cost of your business. Make sure the business has benefit so the granter will give you the grant.


I often receive spam mail which offers grant. I do  not know whether the spam will give me some money. Be careful with the spam because it may cheat you.

Find the granter at credible foundation or the company. Visit the company or foundation official website or blog.


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