Buy a Great Barbecue Pit

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Choosing your first barbecue pit can be a daunting task. There are literally hundreds of manufacturers producing barbecue pits of every imaginable shape and size, not to mention price. You need to consider the price, quality, available space, required attention, the amount of food you plan on cooking and the type of fuel you want to use before you buy a barbecue pit.

  • Decide what kind of fuel you want to use. Barbecue pits are available in gas, charcoal and even electric models. Visit for a detailed look at the different types available.

  • Consider the amount of space you have available, obviously you don’t want to purchase a huge barbecue pit if you plan on putting it on your balcony. On the other hand a small portable barbecue smoker may be a bit inadequate in a 15 acre back yard.

  • Smokers, depending on the fuel you are using, require a certain amount of attention. Electric ones are practically ‘set it and forget it’ while charcoal smokers require lots of attention as the temperature can change due to wind, direct sunlight or even as the meat inside heats up.

  • If you only plan on cooking for your family a small bbq pit is more than enough. If you plan on cooking for parties or in bulk, a larger one will be needed.

  • Quality varies out there, you need to look for a good, steel, thick walled bbq pit. The thicker the steel, the better the smoker will hold it’s temperature. Also, some cheaper models are very ‘leaky’ and are quite difficult to adjust the cooking temperature. Barbecue pits that are tuned are the best, but of course will cost more.


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