Haunting Paintings

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Paranormal phenomena are not just in the news or weird news, they’re also available at Ebay. Ebay has haunted paintings for sale. Some are paintings that come with a history of tales of strange occurrences. Some look haunted with special effects like morphing into a spectral or ghoulish form or eyes that seem to follow you when you walk across the room. You can also commission special custom made haunted or Halloween paintings at

One painting with a history of haunting stories is sometimes called The Ebay Haunted Painting. The painting’s title is The Hands Resist Him. It was painted by Bill Stoneham an Oakland California artist in 1972. The painting shows a female doll and a boy standing in front of a door. It seems like the doll is pointing a gun which is actually a battery with wires. Hands are pressed against the glass door behind them. Haunting stories have been told by owners of the painting including reports that the boy and doll leave the painting and are seen in the room. One report mentions that it seemed like the doll threatened the boy to leave the painting. The boy in the painting is based on a photo of the artist as a boy. Stoneham has painted a sequel to that picture, Resistance at the Threshold, showing the boy as a man and the doll more than forty years in the future. You can read more about the paintings and see more surreal art by Bill Stoneham at his website

More paintings with reports of hauntings are The Crying Boy paintings. These paintings are associated with some house fires and a house fire curse. Stories are told of finding these paintings in house fires. Many of the prints of these paintings have been found undamaged in the remains of burnt houses in England. The pictures were painted by an artist who uses the names Giovanni Bragolin and Bruno Amadio. Prints of these paintings are on Ebay.   

The Haunted Paintings Ebay Store has spooky haunted paintings, wall sculptures, ventriloquist mannequins and dolls. The people’s eyes seem to follow you as you cross a room. Porcelain dolls and ventriloquist mannequins whose eyes follow you include Chucky, the Dark Knight, clowns and gothic dolls. The Haunted Paintings Ebay Store is owned by Haunt-Master.

You can also get a custom made haunted painting of your house with ghosts, witches and other spooky shapes. You can get a spooky colorful Halloween painting made with black cats, clouds and shadows. Send a photo with a description of what you want in your painting. You can also buy prints. The paintings are created by Lewis Barrett Lehrman at

People can also buy paintings of Beethoven, Mona Lisa, a ventriloquist’s mannequin and other people whose eyes seem to follow people as they walk at Spooky portraits that seem to change as you look at them are also available at These lenticular changing portraits are made with hologram technology. More portraits or gortraits that morph as you walk by them revealing scary ghoulish characteristics can be found at



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