How to Make The Tailgater Back Off

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Here are a few suggestions on how to make that tailgater back off :

Before you blow your cool, check to see if you are in fact doing the legal speed limit. When the front vehicle gets to a set spot like a driveway or a certain sign, count 1001, 1002, 1003 …. ON 1003 you should be where he was..driveway or sign, etc. This tells that you are Not a tailgater. Then look up into the rearview mirror to see if his bumper is still out of sight. If so, grip the steering wheel with the foam lined gloves and drive along for a mile or so. This might give the driver behind you a chance to “wake up” and realize he’s way too close.
If he continues to ride your bumper, slowly let up on the gas pedal. Most likely he will back off.

Step 2 If he’s still got his front bumper in your trunk,drop your speed another 5-10 mph, but keep your speed above the legal minimum speed. If he chooses not to let up off the gas, turn on your turn signal without touching the brake. Hopefully he Will back off now. If that doesnn’t work,check if your turn signal is still on, then apply the brake and slowly turn into the next safe spot and slowly count to 10. Shake your head in disbelief and ease up on the steering wheel. You are now ready to get back into the traffic

  • Step 3

    I hope this works well for you. IF nothing else, The tailgater is now in front of you tailgating someone else!
    Good Luck!


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