Can brothers and sisters have sex?

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We men are supposed to look after our sisters. We should assist them whenever they need us and we should give them all the love that we can give as big brothers. We should protect them because they’re not physically as strong as we are. Therefore, they’re vulnerable. Can brothers and sisters fall in love with each other as though they’re not siblings? Can they even make love? Will there be any consequence in doing this? If animals can do it, why can’t we?

There are many reasons why we shouldn’t even if we can do it like animals do. We are not animals and though we can do it if we want to, in the eyes of the god who made us it simply is unforgiveable. Although this topic may sound strange and unpleasant, there are siblings of opposite sex that do this. This case usually occurs when a man or a woman, a boy or a girl, loses confidence in finding a sex partner. As a result, he or she may try to have sex with his/her brother or sister due to desperation. We currently have no known law that limits us from performing such an act. Thus, those individuals who do it feel free to do so.

Brothers and sisters who have done or have been having sex with each other must be aware of birth defects. There is a very great possibilty that women who’ve been impregnated by their bros will bear abnormal offsprings. They should be really really afraid of it. After all, no couple would want to have a retarded child.

It is natural for us to have extreme desires for sex, but we have to understand that there are restrictions we have to follow. We should love our brothers/sisters like ordinary siblings do, but not make love to them. I hope that this article will help people who are suffering from this kind of problem.


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