How to Use Keyword and Keyword Phrases

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These words or groups of words are what search engines like Google use to decide what your site is about. They use the keyword phrases in connection with the actual information in your article or on your web page to determine the value your information will provide.

The steps below will help use keyword phrases in your articles to get better rankings in search engine results.
 Things You’ll Need:

  • Article or Website page
  • 3 – 5 Keyword Phrase
  • Title
  • Article Body
  • Image Captions


Step 1

You should always put your keyword phrases into the title of your article or web page. This is the first thing search engines look at when determining the relevance of an article or site. There are many tools available to find popular keywords and keyword phrases, but you should make sure its something people will be interested in, make sure its relevant to the article you plan to write and it should be Google friendly.

Google friendly = type it like you would search for it! Would you search “How to Label wall paper on YOUR Iphone.†No most people would type “How to label wall paper on MY Iphone,†or “How to label wall paper on Iphone.†People typically don’t search using the second or third person approach. They want to know what I can do or how I can make…, so that’s how you should write your keyword phrases and titles.

Step 2

Once you have determined the keyword or keyword phrase you want to use for your article, STICK TO IT!

Don’t change the words or rearrange them. This will throw off the ranking results and can change the meaning of the key words altogether. If your article’s name is “How to decorate flip flops with ribbon,†your keyword phrase should be decorate flip flops with ribbon. Make sure to leave the S on flops and keep the order exactly as it is in the title of the article and throughout the web page.

Step 3

While you are writing your article you should make sure to include your keyword phrase every chance you get. Keep in mind is should makes since and flows well when you use it. This again is used by the search engines to determine the topic of the article.

Step 4

You should always take advantage of captions for photos. This is a great place to add your keyword or keyword phrases. This will help the search engine determine the correct subject matter of the information being presented. It is best to add a caption to every image unless the caption will take away from the keyword phrase.

Step 5

Once you have your article or web page completed its time to advertise. Many web sites have places to add keywords. These are the words you think people will use when trying to find your information or page online. This is where many people go over board!

STOP Take a minute to think about what your article is about…

The first thing that should pop into your mind is your keyword phrase. Remember if you have followed the instructions it will be in your title, the body of your page or article and in the captioning of your images. These are the words you will need to enter as your keyword or keyword phrase.

Step 6

If you follow these easy guidelines your article or website should be full of relevant keyword phrases.


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