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If you submit your website to Bing they will look into the information and determine its placement in Bing search engine. Your ranking on a search engine can really affect the number of hits or views your article receives. Most people do not search more than a couple of pages on a search engine to find that they are looking for. The first thing you should do is make sure you have a website or article that has good keywords used through out. You will also need to make sure your article or website is completely submitted. Submitting web sites to Bing is completely useless if the site or article is not complete. After you have your article or website you can follow the steps below to submit your information to Bing. The Bing web crawler (MSNBot) will automatically list pages that meet their requirements and standards for content, page layout, and the correct execution of any technical features.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Computer
  • Internet
  • Web site or Article URL


Step 1

To submit web sites to Bing you will first need to go to the Bing link submission page.

Step 2

Enter the security code as listed in the box to verify you are a human entering the information.

Step 3

In the next box you will enter the full web address of the page you would like Bing to review for the search engine ranking.

Step 4

Then hit the submit button.

Step 5

If your page is submitted correctly you will be forwarded to a confirmation page.

Step 6

The web crawler (MSNBot) will then review your page for useful content and add a ranking if accepted into the Bing search engine. When you submit web sites to Bing your request will go on to list of web sites that are waiting to be reviewed by Bing. Be patient as the website is reviewed and approved it will be added to the search results.

Step 7

From the confirmation page you can either return or you can select to submit another URL.

Step 8

When submitting articles from Ehow to Bing you will follow the same process. Just make sure you are using the full web address from the published article page.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure you are entering the correct URL or website address before hitting submit.

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