How To Beat Insomnia

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Are you having trouble falling to sleep at night? Do you lie in bed for what seems like endless hours feeling frustrated because you cannot go to sleep? If you suffer from insomnia, then this article is written for you. Listed below are five tips to help you fall asleep faster.


1) Take a bath with your favorite scented oils right before your bedtime. The warm soothing water will help to calm and relax your body so that you can fall asleep easier.


2) If possible, go to bed at the same time each night. Do you very best to stick faithfully to the schedule. Once your body becomes adjusted to a set bedtime, you will be able to fall asleep quicker.


3) Avoid all nicotine products, drinking caffeinated beverages and eating chocolate after  6:00 pm. Those are all stimulates which can keep you awake for hours.


4) Keep your bedroom as dark as you possibly can. If the street lights from outside are disturbing your sleep, place blinds or thick curtains over your windows and keep them closed at night. If you have a computer in your bedroom, do not just put it to sleep at night. Shut the computer down completely so that any lights from it will not be glaring in the room.


5) Once the lights are all out and you are settled into bed, listen to nature tapes with the sounds of ocean waves, rain forests or thunderstorms. Keep the volume turned down low enough to be soothing but not distracting.



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