Having A Healthy Diet

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It’s important to eat healthy because you will enjoy life more and be happier if you can do and enjoy the things you love and you will live a longer and experience all the great things in life. Exercising and maintaining your Physical Fitness is very important.



Moderate Portions

Don’t sit down and eat till your full. This is bad on a daily basis because it causes your stomach to expand and you’ll eat more in the future. Eat enough food that you feel good and have enough energy to get you through the day. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and a snack if you want. Alway’s try to burn more calories then you take in.



Try New Things

Try new things like Vegtables, Grains % Fruits you don’t normally have with your meals. These provide vitamins that help your body stay in the best shape it can. It will be harder for you to get sick and you’ll find that you have more energy to spend doing the things you love more then you used to.



Eating Habits

Eat early and eat often. It’s better for you to eat a lot in the morning and afternoon and then not be hungry for the rest of the day then to eat before you go to sleep. This is important because your body needs time to burn off the calories and while your running around like a chicken with no head at work your body is getting rid of all those calories you don’t need.

Slow Down

When you sit down to eat a meal make sure it takes a while. Eating till your full isn’t a good idea. It takes your brain a while to realize when your full. Eating slowly gives your brain time to realize that you no longer need anymore food then to eat yourself into a coma. (Not Literally) You’ll also enjoy the food that much more because you’ll be able to enjoy the taste for a longer period of time releasing more pleasure hormones into your blood stream so you’ll feel better.


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