Keep Customers Updated With Newsletters

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How do you inspire customer loyalty? One way is to let them know that you are thinking about them all the time. When you have new things to share, be sure that your customers are the first to know.

Just about everybody has received a newsletter at one time or another. It can be one page, front and back, a brochure or a booklet style. Truthfully, when you are publishing an online newsletter, you have more options for enhancements to thrill your readers.

When you add another marketing tool to your arsenal, it does add more work for you. To minimize your workload, create dedicated columns for your newsletter. You can have a place for an uplifting message from you, product news, suggestions from customers and the fun stuff.

Uses for Newsletters

How do you get the customers to subscribe to your newsletter? Well, you can create a screen that allows customers to opt-in for the newsletter. Even visitors can sign up for the newsletter if they are willing to provide their email address. Don’t forget to provide a disclaimer assuring subscribers that you won’t sell their email address to a third party.

Another option, especially for potential customers is to upsell the newsletter with coupon offers (coupon codes), contests and freebies. Every month, offer new customer-friendly features where they can interact and not simply read text.

The offerings in newsletters can work in tandem with other email marketing campaigns. Use newsletters to talk about new product offers and then send follow-up emails to help them decide to purchase the offer. You can link the sign up with auto-responder messages will be automatically sent to subscribers.

Enhance Your Newsletters

Come up with a descriptive and engaging title for your newsletter. If you are working with Internet marketing, you can have a name like “Getting Noticed.†The newsletter is a unique part of your marketing arsenal. As such it needs its own identity to get customers to use it.

Newsletters are great because they can be shared. Encourage customers to print them out and give them to friends and family who can also utilize your products. Include a link where they can click and sign up for the newsletter themselves.

Don’t neglect the power of visuals. Add pictures and even video to your virtual newsletters to stay in touch with customers. A newsletter with a video embedded is different and will interest your subscribers.

Looking for ways to capitalize on your website business? Add a newsletter subscription to further build up the relationship with your customers


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