Jiaogulan – The life-prolonging means of the Chinese

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The Jiaogulan-bush in China since the 14th Century and famous ever since has been a traditional tool in the Asian healing arts. Jiaogulan contains similar substances, such as the well-known Panax ginseng. Other elements include glycans and vitamins. As the title suggests, the objective is to extend the intake of Jiaogulan life. In the district in Guizhou, many remarkable people who are more than one hundred years old are suspected for some time that these people there drink largely Jiaogulan tea. This Jiaogulan is also said that to be doing well for the blood sugar and therefore protects against diabetes. Also, the prevention of heart attack is increased due to the stimulating effect of the elements. Also liver disease and cancer is reduced by the alleged Jiaogulan-shrub. The field of Asian Jiaogulan tea is otherwise used also as a remedy for the soul, once when for example suffering from fatigue or stress. There are a lot of publications that bear witness to those traditional vernaculars of health improvements. In addition, the plant is very resilient. It belongs to the type of pumpkins and developed tendril. The Jiaogulan-bush survives nearly 19 degrees below zero, but they also thrive in the interior. Is the Jiaogulan-bush in the open air, so dry on cold days, the upper parts of the plant and germinates in the spring at the earliest. The planting of Jiaogulan can be done by seeds or cuttings. The best form of use is in any case, the infusion as a tea. To this end, the user also brews dried or fresh leaves simply with hot water. You can familiarize yourself with the fresh Jiaogulan leaves as a salad.



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