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Concave’s initial product release is a technologically advanced football (soccer) boot. (More about Concave: The company’s strategic plan is to build a global sports brand associated with performance through technology advantage. We intend to be guided by the principles of innovation, social responsibility, and the highest ethical and professional standards of integrity.

The Concave vision is to evolve the game of football worldwide and to inspire every footballer in the world through product excellence and technology innovation. Concave is committed to the improvement of the game of football (soccer). In recognition of this commitment, we strive to deliver revolutionary, technologically advanced football boots and soon, sportswear.

Concave was founded in 2007 as a result of the purchase of certain intellectual property assets from Imagine Sports Pty. Ltd. (“Imagine Sportsâ€), an Australian company that developed and held various intellectual property rights associated with certain sporting footwear technologies.

Concave has partnered with one of the leading footwear manufacturing consortiums in the world, the WoF (World of Footwear) Group based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The WoF Group provides Concave with a full suite of design, testing, material supply and manufacturing services.

The results confirmed a greater degree of accuracy for the Concave boot when the ball was contacted even slightly off center as well as a 15% increase in speed of the ball off the new boot. The most significant result of the machine testing was that the Concave boot produced optimum and consistent power from a contact area four times larger than that of the standard football boot


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