Top 10 Best Campfire Songs

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For me, campfire songs are one of the best things about camping. I vividly remember singing along to #7 in this list while on a trip to Catalina island when I was 10 years old. To this day, even hearing fragments of campfire songs throws me back to some of the fondest days of my childhood. In an age of video games, cartoons and shopping malls, campfire songs provide a low-cost means of entertaining large groups of children (and some adults : )) for hours at a time. Whether your planning a trip for your immediate family, or for an entire school of screaming children, below you’ll find ten of the best campfire songs. So snuggle up in some flannel, start toasting your marshmallows, and get ready for some campfire songs.

10. “Bazooka Bubble Gum Song”

This song, originally performed by Tha Heights in advertisements for delicious, long-lasting, Bazooka Bubblegum (*smile and flourish product*) has since been appropriated by campfire-ers around the country. Variations on the lyrics have been made but the original song by Tha Heights can be found here: It’s repetitive, catchy nature makes it ideal as a campfire song.

9. “On Top of Spaghetti”

This song is an old classic. Its cute and funny but I would suggest learning it just continue long-standing campfire tradition. The song is sung to the tune of “On Top of Old Smokey”. The lyrics, provided below, are believed to have been originally written by a group of children from Davis Elementary School in 1957.

On top of spaghetti

All covered with cheese

I lost my poor meatball

When somebody sneezed

It rolled off the table

And onto the floor

And then my poor meatball

Went out the front door

It rolled through the garden

And into a bush

And then my poor meatball

Was nothing but mush

The mush was so tasty

As tasty can be

And then the next summer

Grew into a tree

The tree was all covered

All covered with moss

And on it grew meatball

All covered in sauce

So if you eat spaghetti

All covered in cheese

Hold onto that meatball

For someone might sneeze

8. “The Hippo Song”

The Hippo Song is a repeat-after-me song, a format which is often used in Campfire songs. It’s especially good for younger children who may not be able to memorize lengthy lyrics. Video and lyrics made available by Pete Vigeant of Ghoulie Games, here:

7. “That’s a Moray”

When an eel bites your thigh, as you’re just swimming by – That’s a Moray

When you scream, and you beg, but it still bites your leg – That’s a Moray

This song is one of my personal favorites. The somewhat morbid lyrics are sung to Frank Sinatra’s “That’s Amore”. This song is especially good for when there’s going to be any kind of swimming during the trip. Makes the swim seem more exciting : ). The full lyrics are available at the bottom of this page: along with fascinating trivia about the Moray Eel.

6.”Wishy Washy Washer Woman”

This song is fun for kids because it involves a lot of physical movements for them to do. The lyrics basically follow the adventures of the Wishy Washy Washer Woman as she washes her clothes. These words are easily memorized. The basic lyrics are available here: As you continue through the song the lyrics vary in accordance to the various activities performed by the Washer Woman. You can see a performance at a real camp here: As you can tell, the kids are having the time of their young lives.

5.”The Campfire Song Song”

This song was made fairly recently but I’ve found it to be a favorite among kids who recognize it from one of their favorite cartoons. It originally came from an episode of Spongebob Squarepants (where it was also sung around a campfire). Usually when sung around a real campfire the song is basically the same few lines repeated with increasing speed and it ends when the song inevitably degenerates into trying to sing it as fast as possible and giggling incessantly. You can see it as originally performed by Spongebob and Patrick here:

4. “Down By The Bay”

This song is cute and catchy and can be used to teach very young children about rhyming. In some variations the rhyming lines are provided by participants in an impromptu fashion by participants. While this is more amusing it may not be possible for younger children in which case you may use the lyrics provided here: This page also provides a midi version of the song in case you are unfamiliar with the melody.

3. “Boom Chicka Boom”

This is a fun, short song that has endless variations and which never seems to get old. It basically consists of the lines

“I said a Boom Chicka Boom

I said a Boom Chicka Boom

I said a Boom Chicka Rocka Chicka Rocka Chicka Boom

Uh huh

Oh yeah

One more time ______ style.”

Before style you insert some kind of variant, such as “Dog”. And then you repeat the song, but in the given style. For “Dog”, as an example, you would all bark the song instead of singing it. Some styles to get you started here: Videos are available throughout Youtube and simply search for “Boom Chicka Boom” will prove fruitful.

2. “Hi, My Name is Joe”

This song ranks high on the list because of its stunning ability to exhaust (and ergo create quiet and calm among) excitable, energetic kids. It involves a ton of physical movement and you can either have the kids sing-along with you, or just do the movements at the appropriate times (Although the lyrics are pretty simple, most kids won’t have a problem memorizing them). A stunning performance and lyrics are provided by Pete Vigeant of Ghoulie Games here:

1. “Baby Shark”

Watching a bunch of 6 year olds sing this song has to be one of most adorable things to have occured on this planet. It’s a song that you need to teach them the lyrics to, but it’s fairly easy, and totally worth it. This song is funny and interactive. You can see a performance of it here:



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