How to name your car.

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How to Name Your Car


A car is one of the most important inanimate objets in a person’s life, and the one he or she is most likely to have an intimate relationship with.   Most people feel that their cars are like their home away from home.  They travel the world in their cars, just as a turtle will travel with his shell.  In this way a car becomes an inseparable part of you, it accompanies everywhere, it knows your innermost traveling secrets.  What better way to honor your faithful vehicle than by giving it a name?   This handy guide will give you suggestions to give your car a catchy, memorable, fitting name.  


Analyze Your Car


In order to properly name your car, you must first analyze your car’s personality and your relationship with your car.  


 Of first and foremost importance, is your car a boy or a girl?   If it is a girl, you of course want to give it a girl name, if it is a boy you obviously want it to have a boy name.  


Second, you need to determine what kind of personality profile your car has.  This an be done by carefully listening to the rumbles and moans of the engine as you go about your daily business around town.  If your car giggles playfully as you bounce over speed bumps, perhaps you should give your car a bubbly, effervescent name:  perhaps Luigi, or Candy would work.  If your car growls possessively when you rev up the engine, perhaps you have come into contact with a passionate lover, and your car is more of a Carmen, Diego, or Don Juan.  


If your planning on using a “real†name for your car, there are hundreds of websites out there indexing possible baby names.  Your car is, after all, your baby.


Consider the Use of Puns in Naming Your Car


Puns can make very catchy names.  They can very easily be plays off of various aspects of the car, such as color.  For example, if you have a red car, you could call him “Agent Orangeâ€.   If you had a black car you could call him “Denzel Washingtonâ€.  


Puns can also be made off of your car’s make and model.  If it is a Volkswagon Beatle, for example, you could name it after George, Ringo, or one of the other Beatles.   


If someone else paid for the car, you might considering naming your car after them, to honor them (at least make them the godparent).   


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