Should the US focus more on domestic problems than on foreign wars?

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Personally, I believe the United States should begin focusing more on the domestic issues we are facing right now. After all, charity begins at home.

The war in Iraq is a major contributer to the economic issues we face here today, and now thanks to the seemingly never ending length of it, the world is facing them too. Throughout history, war has always created a bad economy. Not once has a war ever occurred and not impacted the economy in some negative way. This is still true, and will always be true.

Of course it’s unwise to just pull all of the troops out at once. Because the damage has been done over there and here, our president must come up with a new strategy to end the war without putting the United States in danger. This is a difficult task. He continues to work diligently on a solution.

Our problems, both economic and social, are at a point where they can not be ignored any longer and must be addressed. The United States can not continue to put a proverbial bandage over the issues we face and have been facing for years. Our citizens are being effected in this.

A bad economy, which is the main issue we face here, causes a whole host of other problems. Among these is more drugs, more prostitutes, bad education, more homeless, and more small businesses closing which will eventually lead to the big chains controlling the market even more, which nobody wants.

I do not mean to sound selfish or uncaring by saying this, but why is the United States helping Iraq when we’re hurting and the original plan was to find terrorists? Obviously, people in the middle east have been living the way they’ve been living for thousands of years. We shouldn’t have tried to go in and change their system of government only to cause our own to collapse.

Now Americans may never get their way of life back. People continue to lose jobs. Without jobs people can not live or eat or do anything. Not everyone can freelance either.

The United States must turn its focus back to our own hurting people, our own starving people, our people who need better government support and more jobs so that we don’t slowly decline into a third world country and end up poverty stricken like our neighbor, Mexico.

Foreign policies and the war overseas are an important concern, but so are our people here. If the issues we are facing here do not get addressed and taken care of, then we may never get out of this.


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