How to Buy Cheaper Electronics

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Step 1

First start out looking on ebay or kregs list. Sometimes used products are just as good as brand new.

Its good to check these to see how much the item you are looking for is be sold for used. Use these web sites to find a good price range to shoot for instead of jumping on the first item you see.

Step 2

Now once you know how much the item costs used, check regular stores like apple or walmart to compare the costs.REMEMBER- always check out the refurbished items! They are the same thing just cheaper cause they had to be fixed by the manufacturer. Most the time all thats wrong with them is a little nick or sctach. The apple store even gives them the same warenty as a new item!

Step 3

If you decide used is better, keep your eyes open and DONT jump on the first thing you see! There will always be a better deal, it just takes time to know when to bid. It takes time to know what is a good deal and what is not, si try not to get robbed for something you dont really want!If you decide used is not better, go for what you want straight from the store.


  • if buying a used item always make sure it has pictures of it to make sure you do not get ripped off.
  • Never buy from someone with a bad reputation no matter how good the deal seems to be. thats what reputations are for.

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