Why Men Really Cheat on Women – Really!

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Chances are if you’re reading this article, there’s a high probability that you’ve endured infidelity in a relationship. Maybe your current partner recently dropped the nuclear infidelity bomb on you, or maybe you’ve experienced several relationships rife with unfaithful behavior? Whether it’s the former or the later, the real questions are why does it happen and how can you fix it?

Now, I’m sure you’ve found a wealth of information on the web about cheating husbands. However, most, if not all of it is completely egregious in nature. You can find everything from private eye services, how to catch your cheating husband on your own, to ludicrous schemes of revenge. Now, if your looking to play Dick Tracy, who am I to stand in your way? But, let me ask you a question; if you catch him, are you prepared to end the relationship or file for divorce? Even if you are, and you follow through with it, will you ever get the sixty-four thousand, dollar, WHY question answered? Absolutely unequivocally NOT! You see, there’s a reason why most men cheat. And, unless you take the necessary steps to uncover the basis for your partner’s actions, there’s a high probability that you’ll attract another cheating partner! Correct me if I’m off the mark, but you don’t want to repeat that, do you?

Ok! Let’s get to the all important question; why do men really cheat on women? Well, most women believe that men cheat simply because that’s how they are! And, I wouldn’t dispute the fact that some men are indeed insensitive, fornicating barbarians who lust for pure physical and sexual fulfillment. When this scenario is present, it is likely that a sexual addiction may be at the root of the situation. However, that’s not the reason most men cheat. Ninety percent of the time, they cheat because their emotional needs are not being fulfilled. And, these emotional needs are directly related to their partner’s low self-esteem and confidence. But, ironically, most women misinterpret their husband’s infidelity as a physical need and usually exacerbate the situation. You can pull the plug on your relationship at anytime, but if you fail to uncover the real reason he cheated, what’s going to be different in your next relationship? Don’t get me wrong, I am not at all condoning such morally repugnant behavior. But, there is a lesson to be learned here, and if you turn a blind eye to it, you will repeat this nasty pattern!

So, if you’re faced with an unfaithful partner, you have three choices:

1. Condone the behavior and allow it to continue

2. End the relationship immediately

3. Take the necessary steps to discover why and correct your behavior

If you chose the 3rd option and you’d like more info on infidelity and how to save a relationship, subscribe to my free E-guide “The Secret Principles to Saving a Relationshipâ€below…


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