How To Solar Heat Your Water For Free To Save Energy And Save Money.

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Mother Nature does a fantastic job of solar heating your water for free. All you need is several sections of hose pipe along with a good spray nozzle that does not leak. The idea here is to put together as many sections of hose pipe that you have and put the spray nozzle on the end of the hose and turn on the water. When the hose pipe fills all the way up the spray nozzle will hold it in the hose and all you need to do is lay the hose pipe in the yard. The sun will solar heat the water inside the hose and just spray the hot water wherever you need it. This method saves energy and saves money too.

You would actually be surprised at just how much hot water you end up with before it runs out. The bigger around your hose pipe and the longer it is, the more hot water you get. Paint your hose pipe black and it will help pull the heat in from the sun and solar heat the water quicker. If your hose pipe leaks any at all this will not work. It has to be water tight so the water remains in the hose. If it leaks it will continuously push new water through and it can’t heat up because it is moving all the time and leaking out.

Give it a test run with a section of hose pipe laying in the yard.  You can use this solar hot water in the tub, the kitchen, wherever you need it and wherever the hose will reach. You will only be out whatever the hose pipes cost you and you still get solar hot water time and again and only pay for the hose one time. You could even leave the hoses rolled up just like you bought them and just hook them all together and put the nozzle on the end one, then just turn on the water, make sure there are no leaks and forget about it for a little while. It works great and Mother Nature won’t charge you a dime for solar heating it for you. You become more energy efficient while you save money too.



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