Get Lean With Yoga

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How to Get Lean with Yoga

How to Get Lean with Yoga

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Yoga is both relaxing and soothing to the mind and spirit. Not only does it take loads of stress off your shoulders it also take loads of tension off everywhere else on your body. Yoga has been used for ages to help relax and meditate. Now it is becoming more popular for fitness.

Things You’ll Need: Your Mat and a Quiet Place

Step 1

Find a nice room that is lighted in a soothing manner. Go for Quiet and relaxing when picking out this room. Candles work wonders. Lavender OIls is proven to help soothe the mind and help you relax.

Step 2

Roll the mat out so you can be comfy and relaxed. Banged up knees are not cute. You can also play soft music too if it helps. Most places sell CDs that play the sounds of nature or like the ocean.

Step 3

Start doing your poses. Seated and Twist, Standing, Arm Balances, Core, Back Bends, Forward Bends, Inversions, and Restorative. For more info on these poses or if you just need some new ideas go to

How to Get Lean with Yoga

How to Get Lean with Yoga

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