How to Save Clip Art From Microsoft Works 7.0

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Things You’ll Need:

Some understanding about computers installed
Microsoft works 7.0 disk

Step 1
First, pull up your microsoft works program. Mine is found in by going to Start, and then All Programs. You can usually find it from the list. You have to have a little copy and paste knowledge. If you don’t contact me and I will give you instructions on this.

Step 2
Then scroll to Microsoft works words processor. Once the window pops up you will see a wide range of icons used for insertions, editing, etc. Find the icon that says insert clip art, or the word “clip art”. Once you click on this a window pops up with clip art. Pick any random clip art pic, at this point it doesnt matter which one. A message will pop up prompting you to insert your Microsoft works disk. Do so.

Step 3
Once your disk is inserted and you are brought to the clip art, locate the clip art you wish to use. Find clip art that you will likely use more than once otherwise it really isnt worth saving. Once you have selected your clip art and it is now on the word processing document, hit the key “prt scr” located on your key board. This is actually “print screen” and is located right across the key that is the backspace key on my compaq keyboard for Windows Operating System XP.

Step 4
Go to the image and right click on it “copy”.
Go to your Start menu and locate OpenOffice Writer, once it comes up, right click “paste”. Do this twice if need be. Sometimes the first “paste” doesn’t work, go figure. Size it to the size you want and right click the image. Go to “save graphics” and save under gif./jpeg/jpg..etc..Give it a good label. You are now able to find this image and use it again and again as you need for articles without having to relocate it.
It is hard to save an image you have inserted on a works document under jpeg/gif. Usually it will save as wps or which can’t be uploaded onto your articles. This way you can save it to your computer and use it under the different type required.


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