How to Make a Fly Trap With Bubble Wrap

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This really acts more of a prevention for the flies than a trap so you don’t have to worry about disposing of dead flies either.

Things You’ll Need:

  • bubble wrap
  • rubber bands
  • double sticky tape
  • push pins

Step 1


You will first need to purchase large bubble wrap. You’ll need a piece about two foot wide by eight inches tall with the largest bubble you can find. This is usually easiest to locate at a mail supply store. You should have one for each door entering into your house.

Step 2


Next you will need to roll your bubble wrap section into a long tube. Place a rubber band on each end and one in the middle to help it hold its shape better.

Step 3


Tape one of the bubble wrap tubes above each door. Double sticky tape works great for this or a couple of push pins through the outside layer of the bubble wrap directly into the wall if you don’t mind leaving holes.

Step 4


Flies have compound eyes that will view the bubbles and the light that reflects off of them as a threat. This fly trap with bubble wrap works great. Give it a try.


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