How to Get Rid of Migraines Naturally

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Medications are used to treat most migraines while some are pain relieving medications (used after the migraine has taken affect) others are preventative medications (taken regularly to reduce the amount of migraines). There are some things you can do to attempt to lessen the affects of a migraine. Below are a list of things you can do to get rid of migraines.

Step 1

Take a nap in a quiet dark place. Migraines can seam worse due to an extreme sensitivity to light and sound. If you allow your body to relax and avoid all light and sound you will naturally get rid of a migraine quicker.

Step 2

Yoga helps you focus your energy on something other than the pain. This will allow your body to stop producing the chemicals that are helping to fuel the migraine. Use yoga to calm your body down and reduce the presence of the pain created by the migraine.

Step 3

Along with Yoga you should exercise regularly to help prevent body and mind tension and prevent migraines. A good warm up and light exercise will work great to help you relieve this tension and avoid migraines.

Step 4

Take vitamins. Riboflavin found in Vitamin B2 is known to help lessen the amount of migraines. This can be found in many foods like eggs, leafy vegetables, and fish. You should attempt to eat foods with B2 in them regularly or take a vitamin for faster results.

Tips & Warnings

  • Always check with a doctor before taking any medicine and for initial treatment and diagnosis.


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