How to Get Rid of Flies

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Things You’ll Need:

  • cleaning supplies
  • screen repair kit
  • duct tape
  • weather stripping
  • door sweep
  • Spray foam

Step 1


The first thing you need to do to get rid of flies is remove the trash and clutter! Flies are attracted to filth so removing the filth will make a big difference in the fly population around your house.

* You should start with the kitchen. Clean any dishes sitting on the counter and sink. Wipe all the crumbs off your cabinets and clean any spills that could be attracting and feeding the flies.

* All food should be completely sealed in an air-tight container or stored in the fridge. This is also important for fruits and dried food items.

* Take out the garbage. This should be done at least a couple of times a week or when there are wet items in the trash. However, when attempting to get rid of flies you should do it daily until you have the fly situation under control.

* Once you have completed the kitchen you should move to the rest of the house. All bedrooms, bathrooms, drains, cabinets and drawers should be thoroughly cleaned, especially if they are around areas that you eat or store food.

Step 2


The next step to get rid of flies is to keep them out! If you need to get rid of flies inside your home your best defense is to keep them out.

* Check your window and door screens for holes. You can purchase a repair kit at most hardware store or for a quick fix on a small hole you can cover it with tape.

* Apply weather stripping to all your windows and doors. This is not just to keep the cold air out it also puts a barrier up against insects that are wanting inside your house.

* Fill any holes in your house due to cables, pipes or cracks with spray foam that will expand to the size of the area.

* Install a door sweep to the bottom of any doors leading outside your home. This is much stronger than the weather stripping and will make a huge difference in the amount of insects and flies that get into your house.

Step 3


Now its time to get rid of flies in your yard. If the flies are completely out of your yard they will be less likely to find interest in your house.

* Keep your garbage collection as far away from your house as possible. With many cities only picking up garbage one a week it is real easy for your garbage to attract the interest of insects including flies. You should try to keep your trash can as clean as possible by washing it occasionally and making sure old trash is not collecting in the bottom.

* Compost piles should also be as far away from the house as possible to help get rid of flies. After adding food items to your compost try to add a layer of yard waste, like dead leaves or grass clippings, to block the flies from the food.

* If you have animals you should make sure their droppings are cleaned up as well. Flies love to lay eggs on these piles so keeping them picked up not only helps your yard smell better it will also help keep the fly population down.

* Remove any dead animals as soon as you discover them. This can be rodents, birds, or any other small animal that may find its way near your home.

Step 4


Maintain a yard that does not encourage fly breeding. Flies are big fans of water so make sure standing water is minimal or completely gone when possible.

* Check planters, old tires, and sagging gutters for water and remove it. You should take a look around your yard after a rain for areas that are holding water and do what you can to prevent the water from collecting in these areas. Also remove dead bushes and leave clippings from under trees and shrubs to eliminate moisture in these areas.

* Trim your grass to eliminate areas for the flies and other insects to hide. Flies do not like areas with lots of wind so open your yard up as much as possible to allow wind to flow through. This will help escort the flies away from your home.

Step 5


The final resort is the fly traps to get rid of flies. These are available in many stores and work quite well. As you know it is nearly impossible to get rid of 100% of the flies. Don’t feel bad if you have to go to this method for a little relief. Some great alternatives are the Bag Fly Prevention or Bubble Wrap Fly prevention. Links to these are available in the reference section at the bottom of this page.


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