Finishing with the loneliness

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For this ritual you will need a pack of playing cards. Take out the Ace of
hearts and all the jacks, kings and queens. Place the Ace of hearts in front
of you (this card represents you). Now place all the other cards in a circle
around the Ace of hearts. Visualize yourself in the middle, surrounded by
people. Say the following aloud in a clear voice;

I Am No Longer Lonely.
I Have Many Friends.
They Will All Come To Me.
And Enjoy My Company.
Amongst Them Will Be Many.
Who Can Easily Love Me.
I Will Have The Choice.
I Will Make The Right Choice.

Now concentrate for a few minutes on what you have been doing. You
must perform this ritual everyday. If you have been doing it correctly then
your loneliness can end in a few weeks.

For untold centuries a select few powerful men and women held
the secrets of ancient occult knowledge in their hands. These
Magicians, Sorcerers, Wizards and Witches would manipulate the
forces of nature and bend the laws of shadowy sciences to their

It is said they could alter the weather, converse with and control
spirits, attract phenomenal wealth and riches, see your thoughts
and much more. Behind many archaic Kings and Rulers stood a
Master of the Dark Secrets – here was where the real power lay!



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