How keeping a clean house helps depression

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Keeping a clean house helps depression in many ways. For starters, it gets a depressed individual’s mind off what was depressing them. There is not a depressed individual’s focal point when the mind is focusing on something very positive such as cleaning one’s house. It helps alleviate the depression. A depressed individual can’t be focused on depression when there is nothing depresssing to do and think about when you are doing something good.

Positive reinforcement coming from the cleaning of the house helps alleviate the waves of negativity that comes with depression. Meticulous cleaning helps waken areas of the brain that may have been somewhat dormant from depression. As the cleaning of the house continues, the view of the house…and whatever caused becomes more clearer by helping with positive reinforcement. A lot of positive reinforcement certainly came come out of a clean house…a house that you helped clean or cleaned yourself.

It certainly is not a panacea when it comes to treating depression. But any stimulating activity that gets a depressed person’s mind thinking along a more positive line, at the very least is the first step in helping people beat depression. With a better functioning brain that doesn’t always see gloom and doom, the depressed mood begins to lift. As the cleaning progresses, the mind, now not as boggled with the depression as much begins to sort through the root causes of it, perhaps even finding some solutions. Effectively, your mind does some ‘housecleaning’ of its own by cleaning out those mental ‘cobwebs’ brought on by the depression. With a much cleaner house (that may have been more dirtier than usual as a result of the depression), the depressed person’s spirits start to soar. More positive reinforcement to the psyche comes from a much cleaner house. Even a clinically depressed person may start feeling better.

I think we all feel better when our house is clean, neat, tidy…and all of our things are in the right places. Signs of depression can be a messy, unorganized place…Cleaning it (or even a clean house) can be a sign of spirits soaring. Even people who are not suffering from any form of depression should always do positive things, like cleaning house, to help prevent depression. It also is not a panacea for prevention of depression…but a little bit of positive reinforcement and activity. could go a long way



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