Jaws: The Ride at Universal Studios Florida

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Location: Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Theme: Water Ride/Jaws
Ride Vehicle: Boat
Duration: 5 Minutes

Jaws: The Ride at Universal Studios Florida is based upon the popular Jaws film franchise which began in 1975. Jaws: The Ride begins as guests board a boat with a guide who provides you a tour of Amity Harbor but all gets interrupted when a great white shark begins attacking the boat. Luckily enough, the tour guide comes equipped with a surplus 40 mm grenade launcher from the army.

However, the real action-packed fun of Jaws: The Ride starts when the guide picks up a distress call from a nearby boat which happens to be sinking as we turn the corner. Suddenly, a fin rises out of the water and it becomes apparent what is going on. The shark raises up out of the water temporarily and passes under our boat. The guide fires a couple grenades at it but misses.

The guide then takes us into an old boathouse where we can hide out. All is pitch black inside and it turns out that the shark has also found a way in there as well. The guide wheels us out of the boathouse just as the shark grazes alongside the boat with his huge wide-open mouth. The guide engages in more battles with the shark, usually missing with the grenade launcher, at one point it hits a gas dock which explodes.

Finally, taking a page from the finale of Jaws 2, the great white shark charges toward the boat and bites into a large cable wire instead…


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