Jet Blue Airlines: A Turbulent Misadventure

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I have had the opportunity of riding Jet Blue Airlines for a total of five times – New York, NY to St. Petersburg, FL; St. Petersburg, FL to New York, NY; West Palm Beach, FL to New York, NY; New York, NY to Orlando, FL; and Orlando, FL to New York, NY. Mind you, these are the only times I’ve ever flown an airplane period (so far).

Jet Blue Airlines has pretty much been a pleasant experience for me. For the most part, the flight attendants are very nice and there’s complimentary snacks and drinks plus they give you $1 headphones which you get to keep for yourself. Every one of the five trips I’ve taken have been a positive experience except for one in particular: the fourth one – from New York, NY to Orlando, FL.

My family and I booked a vacation to go to Universal Studios in Orlando, FL around the third week of June this year. We boarded the flight and all was well up until the middle of the trip where I believe we were over either Delaware, Virginia, or somewhere around there. The plane literally hit extreme turbulence. Now, I’ve never experienced turbulence before, ever… But this was one scary experience and I really didn’t know what to expect.

One lady across from me was saying a prayer for everyone on the plane, one teenage girl in front of us was crying her eyes out while her two friends tried to calm her down, the flight attendants acted like it was nothing (“Oh, we’re just going through the weather”, one of them told us)…


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