Acura’s TL the Best Ever

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Acura’s TL is one of the best sedans produced by Honda under the brand name Acura. This luxury car became Acura’s best selling model in 2004 and was placed among top two best selling luxury cars behind BMW3. Ever since, TL has undergone several modifications and was released year after year with improvised features, the latest being TL SH-AWD of 2009.

The newer model has increased a little in size but the major visible modifications come as so called “Keen Edge Dynamic†in Acura’s vocabulary. In terms of size, the wheel base has been stretched 1.4 inches to 109 inches. The overall increase in size comes as 6.2 inch addition in length, 1.8inch wider  and 0.5 taller.

The base model is front wheel drive powered by 3.5-liter V6 engine making 280 hp providing a torque of 284 ft-lbf.  This accounts to an increase of 22 hp and 21 ft-lbf over the previous 3.2 lit V6 engine TL. While the TL SH-AWD has a slight higher configuration as a plus version of TL with ‘four wheel drive’, 3.7 liter V6 engine, 305 hp and 275 Torque while the improvised technologies go unsaid.

To compensate the controversial exterior, the interior of the super luxury sedan comes attractive with super tick rimmed steering wheel and ultra soft leather that feels great apart from great interior looks. Another attractive feature of this new sedan is an increased rear-legroom by 1.3 inches. A 20.2 mpg fuel economy comes as especially miserly for a 305 hp engine and a near 4000 pound body.

The new TL SH-AWD comes truly with all splendor of a luxury sedan with ultra look exterior and hyper luxurious interior. With all its distinguishing features the new TL SH-AWD makes it among the most sought after luxury vehicles in market.


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