Giving Back

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I received an email today with the headline of Sears wants to give you $500. to spend this Christmas. I don’t usually open this kind of mail but decided to see what the what I thought was spam mail had to say.

Well, upon openings the email it had a list of people Sear’s had given $500. gift cards to and they could either choose to keep the money and spend it on themselves or they could go shopping and give the gifts to people less fortunate.

I decided to go read some of the blogs that had been written from people who had received the money the guy at the top of the list Chris Pirillo was the one I chose to read first. I opened the blog and begin to read this heart felt story about how Sear’s had given him the money and he had decided to give back to those who have nothing.

As I sat here at work with tears flowing from my eyes. The story was heart warming and I was so proud of this guy I have never heard of before making such a great choice. Deciding to make someone whom without him would not be having a very bright Christmas.

I am also so thankful Sear’s chose to do this for people. I do wish more people and huge stores would offer things like this to the poor. I know myself I donate as much as I can over the holidays and there is not a bell ringer I pass without putting something in the till.

The way I feel about it is, if I can afford a few cups of coffee this week, why can’t I go with out it for a while and give someone else that’s holidays are not as bright as mine something special. Who knows it may only be enough for a hot meal, but unlike me I have more than enough to get by. I so wish more people out there would think this way and help those that need it.

Just try to put yourself in their position and think of your son or daughter waking on Christmas day without any presents from Santa under the tree. Bring a smile to someone elses face this year and donate what you can or a toy or just the guy you know down the street thats having a hard time, what about dropping by with a ham or a turkey to get him and his family through this special season.

I would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and would love to hear on my comments what you did to help someone else this year.


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