The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

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Location: Universal’s Islands of Adventure
Theme: Spider-Man
Ride Vehicle: Simulator
Duration: 7 minutes

Just when you thought nothing could top a simulator ride like The Simpsons Ride at Universal Studios Florida, something even better pops up. The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man is a 3D theme park ride that is situated in Universal’s Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando Resort. You ride a simulator that is a hybrid consisting of special roving motion, 3D projection, elaborately-designed physical sets, and special effects that are both tactile and practical.

You enter the queue area of the ride which happens to be the Daily Bugle where you are shown a video that discusses the company’s positive reputation and introduces a brand new news-gathering vehicle called the Scoop which will be your ride vehicle. As you proceed through the offices, a live news coverage feed comes on which informs you that Doctor Octopus and his group of super villains (Scream, Electro, Hydro-Man, and Hobgoblin) have begun their chaotic rampage through the city with the aide of a powerful anti-gravity cannon from Stark Industries which they have stolen. The group, known as the Sinister Syndicate, snatches the Statue of Liberty and threatens to destroy it unless the citizens surrender.

You then learn that all the reporters have evacuated the building and J. Jonah Jameson has no choice but to send the remaining tourists (which includes you) to report the story taking place via the brand new Scoop vehicle. Riders are provided 3D glasses (referred to as night vision goggles) and enter the scoop. This ride is simply breathtaking with its 15 attraction screens, all of which make good use of two projectors that come with polarizers that can interact with the lens of your 3D glasses (i.e. blocking light from one projector…


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