Mission Rozgar : WIn Rs 1000 on sign Up from me …Hurry Up!!!!

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Hi All

Before proceeding any further, let me first introduce myself. I am a graduate from IIT Kharagpur, one of finest technical university in the India. I have done my graduation from Department of Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture in year 2009.


From December I will be joining NAVAL SCIENCE TECHNICAL LABORATORY (NSTL) which is one of the finest laboratories   run and managed by DEFENCE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION (DRDO), as Scientist-B.

Since my college got over in April, I am at home.  Out of boredom my last few months are spend mostly surfing on internet. In the process of surfing I came across various programs which claim to make you earn extra income by the comfort of sitting at home and investing few hours on net.  At first glimpse of these I thought that I would be billionaire in no time and  ended signing up for a lot such programs like Paid to click sites (PTC), affiliate programs and lot more.

But soon my dreams were scattered as I came across the fact that most of such programs which I have joined are SCAMS.

I got broke but not enough to quit. I had a belief that not all are SCAMS; there must be some programs that are trusted and will fulfill my dreams of earning with little or no investment of time and money. In the process of discovering such programs I did a extensive research and figured out programs that are being tried by thousands of people and are declared as fully trusted. You can also yourself research to figure out the truth.

These are followings:

1)      Mission Rozgar ( only for Indians)

2)     NEOBUX( All countries where Paypal /Alertpay/Netller is accepted)

3)     PALMBUX(All countries where Paypal /Alerpay is accepted)

4)     Mylot ( All countries where Paypal is accepted)



Out of all the research I have reached at a very interesting conclusion “You can never make big amount without little investment and most important without referrals.†Referrals are the backbone of these programs.


Since the referrals are really very important for earning and their effort contribute significantly to your income. I have thought of rewarding   my Referrals monetarily


Follow me through the article to know what I am offering



Every 10 th person who will sign up under me will be rewarded with RS. 1000*

Say if you became my 30th , 40th , 5oth referral……  and so on…. them you will be rewarded RS 1000 each.

*The amount will be rewarded in 2 phase. Rs 500 on account activation and Rs 500 on becoming IBA (Independent Business Advisor).



Let me give you a brief description about this program.

MISSION ROZGAR’ is a Joint Venture Program Run by the ‘SELF-EMPLOYMENT DEVELOPMENT MISSION (REGD.) INDIA’ – A Govt. Regd. organization Under Act XXI of 1860, Regd.No.: 4419/2008, established with the Aim & Objective to eradicate Unemployment & Poverty by Providing Unique Business Opportunities to Every Needful Citizen of India & Make them Self-reliant

In simple terms you will became an affiliate by buying Home based package Worth Rs 650. Later that if you will introduce someone and he too became an affiliate by making the purchase, you will be promoted to position of Independent Business Advisor (IBA) and will became entitled to enjoy 5 types of earnings.

I recommend you to understand this program in detail by following this link:  http://www.missionrozgar.com


If you are an INDIAN, I will highly recommend this program to you. This is because you don’t have to invest your time on regular basis. This doesn’t make it necessary to spend few minutes/hours at internet.  Even if you are the laziest person you just have to refer this to one person to become IBA. And If you are thinking that referring even  one person is difficult for you , there is my tip , Register on the name of  your father/Mother/Wife /Sister. All it will cost you is extra Rs 650 but in that way you will became a IBA and will enter Non-Working Growth Income(  I have done the same, When I first joined I just wanted to earn from Non Working Growth Income. But seeing its vast potential I have got more interested in it J).

Once you are a IBA, you can earn upto  3 Lakh in 15 month assuming 100% sale .  To bring to your knowledge since its start the sale has been more than 100 every month


Isn’t it cool? By just investing Rs1300.00 and not working, you can earn Rs 3,00,000.00.

Now if you have understand the program and have make up your mind to be a part of this life changing opportunity follow this link: http://www.missionrozgar.com/?r=Sunn156297

(If it will not work put “Sunn156297 or mobile no 9570581076” against the referrer’s name/mobileno.)

For any queries contact : sunny.drdo@gmail.com/sunny.iitkggp05@gmail.com.

NOTE: Vist my Blog http://haveahappyearning.blogspot.com for many such offers with Neobux,Palmbux and Mylot.

Have a Happy Earning!!!!


Kind Regards

Sunny Verma

B.Tech(Hons), Dept. of OE&NA

IIT Kharagpur


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