Have some fun: Make faces in the mirror!

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How to Have Fun Making Faces In The Mirror

OK, let’s all admit it. We all like to make faces at ourselves in the mirror, right? And why not? It’s perfectly normal, I think!

Things You’ll Need:

* Sense of humor, mostly

The art of face-making:

There is a real art to creative face-making, in case you weren’t aware of it. Don’t let anyone kid you, they must teach us this stuff in our sleep or something, because we all seem to get it, but we don’t know from where!

Yes, we all get it!

It’s something we’re born with. Some kind of giggle-void we need to fill from time to time. So, when outside sources don’t provide for us, we’re forced to make our own fill. One way we do that is to make faces at ourselves in the mirror.

The technique:

OK, so we all have our own technique, actually. Some people like to do hands-free face-making, to see just how screwy they can make their face with muscles alone. Others like to use their hands to add effect or perhaps probe a nostril or eardrum or two.

In any case, technique is where the artistic values comes into play; and, remember, this very practice is one that few of us readily admit to doing, let alone divulge HOW we do it!

It must be in the water!

Well, maybe that’s it. Maybe the water we’re drinking is reacting with our brainwaves and giving us this obsessive desire to laugh at ourselves this way. Hmmmm……

Actually, I’d have to say that’s a very good thing. After all, if we can’t laugh a little at ourselves, we’ll end up a real sad-sack, won’t we?

Laugh it up!

So, let’s all just admit to it and go for it. Maybe we could start a website of all the funniest faces; how would that be?

Enjoy! And, oh yeah, one more thing; your face WON’T freeze that way.

Tips & Warnings

* Keep smiling!

* Keep laughing!

* Keep loving!

* Smiling uses less muscle than frowning!

* Laughter can be addictive; use caution when practicing face-making.

* Laughter can be beneficial to your health; let your doctor know it might not be just the medicine that’s making you feel better.


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