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We all use search engines for one reason or another but I once read an article where the writer Googled himself just to see what he would find. I thought that was interesting because that was how he determined how successful of a writer he was. After reading the article I did it for myself. I only found a couple things that were in fact me. Then I started Googling people that I was interested in to see how successful that they were. I found that there are several sites about Joey DeGraw but a lot of the things that come up go to his brother Gavin which would say that Gavin is more popular than his brother. I also Googled Sean Murray from the show NCIS which I love to watch and found that he isn’t that well known as his co-star’s. Google tells how long it takes to come up with the number of finds that they have to tell you that they care about how quick they can find something on someone. We use search engines for many reasons and we rely on the sites to give us the best information that they have even when there isn’t much out there. I will go to different search engines just to see if I can find anything different than the one before gave me. After reading that article in Writer’s Digest I didn’t think that I would get such a kick out of going to the Google homepage. I have been in search of many things and you would be surprised to see what the results are from different search engines. So take the time and Google me.  Google: Jackie Stroud-Painter


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