Do’s and Don’ts about earning money online

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While I am writing this article millions of people around the globe are typing keywords line “Earn money Online”, ” Earn from internet” , etc in the search engines. It’s estimated that almost 75% of people who uses internet have at least tried once to earn make money online. But the sad part is that most of them have stopped after spending their precious time and even money.


You may be wondering about the reason behind such high failure rate. Is this because all the programs that claim to make you earn big Bucks are SCAMS?? Then my answer is a Big “NO”. Although most of the programs are SCAMS, there are few Affiliate programs, PAID TO CLICK (PTCs) that are fully trusted and are successfully tried by millions of people to earn a handsome amount.


Then what’s the main reason behind such a high failure rate. I was also confused and did an extensive research to figure out the reasons. I came up with various underlined reasons but As the main aim is to make the interest people   aware trick  that they can  use the power of web to earn a handsome amount  at the comfort of sitting at home and spending few minutes on net, I am not mentioning here the reasons, but in spite of that do’s and Don’ts  which can be much of much more benefit.


Here are some do’s and don’ts



1)      Only join a program only if you are fully satisfied. Do an extensive research and read review of the programs. Effective places to get the review of the programs are Yahoo answers, complaint board, and various blogs.


2)     Search whether the program is SCAM or not.  Use search engine for that.  Just type “Program nameâ€+â€SCAMâ€. If the program is Scam, you will surely come across posts filled with complaints from many people.  For example Type “ValueBux + SCAM…then you will came across various posts declaring it a SCAM. On the other Hand if you search for “Neobux/ MissionRozgar +SCAMâ€. You will hardly find any article.


3)     If you are joining any PTC, be sure to first see whether the same is in the Boycott list.


4)      Build a network of referrals. No online programs are high paying in absence of   down line.


5)     If you are joining   any PTC, Be an active clicker and upgrade your membership to earn more and rent referrals. This may require a little investment but if PTC is fully trusted it will make you earn faster without the risk of losing your money.


6)     Popularize your links. Use social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut , Twitter, Myspace for the same.  If you have joined a affiliate marketing program like Mission Rozgar  its must that you  make people join under you as compared to PTCs(In PTCs you can rent referrals but not in the case of affiliate programs).



1)      Sign up for each and every programs that claims to make you billionaire in no time


2)     Spend lots of time on internet. It will make you irritated and frustrated, effecting your other works and relationship.



3)     Invest a huge amount, even if the program is fully trusted. 


4)     Try autoclickers. In most cases it will led to termination of your account.



5)     Use same password for different programs. If anyone will turn scam, they may try to hack your account on other programs and may robe all your balance.


6)     Refer a program to other if you are not sure about the reliability of the same.



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