How to Write an Episode of the Simpson’s

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What are you going to do to get the creative juices flowing? What would Homer do? Well, lets skip going to Moe’s for now and concentrate on a some ideas for getting started. What characters are you going to include, what story line are they going to follow and what conflicts will they encounter and ultimately overcome? The possibilities truly are endless, originality is key. Get out a pen and paper and write your ideas down before someone snatches them out of the air.

A storyboard is a simple sketch of the location in which the scene is going to take place. Different emotions, backgrounds, dialogue and even soundtrack can be displayed here. This is a rough draft of what you would like the final copy to be. Storyboards help in the overall flow of the storyline and aid in the progression to the solution of your posing conflict. They’re certainly a good habit to get into and a must for any serious animator.

There are hundreds of people behind the scenes of the Simpson’s. Taking on the whole task of creating your very own episode could be a challenge. Invite some of your Simpson loving buddies to get in on the action. Assign different characters to different friends, put names in a hat, draw straws, or play rock-paper-scissors to help decide who gets who. Remember that when writing in a group it is best decide on a solid plot line before dialogue is considered. It is important to keep in mind the outcome of your episode. This will help you stay focused and attain your goal.

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