Why you should worship God

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We human beings follow one religion or the other. But the truth is that we all have our own religion deep inside. It may change with time. One may be following a religion literally, but in actual, lot of activity is happening deep inside which is not accepted by the mind as it is conditioned to follow a particular religion. Why is it that we follow a particular religion? There are many reasons. One is inheritance. We have a pattern of following traditions followed by our predecessors. Why is this? Everyone is having same features, same sensual organs, seeing same world. Yet the time to introspect or thinking is not followed by everybody. Only the gifted get that and their views are being followed by a lot. Everyone cannot build up in the same way as Henry ford or Bill Gates. They follow their ways or they replicate the ideas. Fresh ideas generated is very rare.

Still not deviating from the main topic, we all should have a point of centre where we can concentrate upon. This is why we worship god whatever form it is. Why one feels attached to one’s family or parents. The same way one is attracted to God.

Reality of this universe is still a scientific research topic which is debated upon. Billions of dollars are spent on finding life in moon and exploring other planet. But the reality is one can only know the presence of the soul in this body. Once the soul is out of the body, it does not need the body. therefore it forgets any previous existence. But still there is an opportunity to know the reality by constant meditation on a center which most possibly is the God worshiped by one. One who is realised is above the existence of the bodily limitations and can know many worlds better than the scientists who are searching for reality in a material world. Hence whatever God you worship , don’t do fake service or follow customs, but true belief can change you for the better.


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