Area Conversions

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To convert a square mile to a square kilometer, multiply square mile by 2.58998811 to get correspondent kilometer. For example if you want to know how many kilometers equal to one mile, you will multiply 2 by 2.58998811.

Area is measured in Squares. The measurement of square can be a square mile, kilometer, feet, meter, yard and so on. In some situations, you might have to convert from one metric to another. This article will provide the how to guide for these conversions.

To convert a square kilometers to a square mile, multiply by 0.386.

To convert square meter to square yard, multiply by 1.196.

To convert square yard to square meter, multiply by .836

To convert square meter to square foot, multiply by 10.764

To convert square foot to square meter, multiply by 0.09290341

To convert square centimeters to square inches, multiply by 0.155

To convert square inches to square centimeters, multiply by 6.4516

When doing conversion, it is important to calculate couple of times to avoid any mistakes.   Use this cheatsheet to do conversion.

Be careful with calculation.

Pay special attention to the decimals.

Always double check.

Create a cheat sheet for yourself.


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